papprica sent: Hi Kiwi--!! I wanted to drop by to say that I've liked your art for a really long time now but what really prompted me to send this (love letter //slapped) message was when i heard your SINGING. YOU HAVE A REALLY BEAUTIFUL VOICE--!!!

thank you!! T////T wehh messages like this make me so happy hehe


Happy belated birthday to the kiwi prince

AHHH I’m like 5 months late on tumblr, but THANK YOU AGAIN STARRY hahaha
ciil sent: you draw very gentle faces ^ o ^ your lines are also extremely clean (ENVY!!) it looks especially good paired with just flats + minimal shading

omg… i literally blushed when i read this because i really like ur art ciil ^__T i’m rlly embarrassed and happy LIES DOWN

Anonymous sent: are there still sticker sheets left or has the 30 slots been filled already? >_<

yes there’s still sticker sheets left! ^__^ don’t worry, the 30 slots aren’t even close to being filled up yet

Anonymous sent: how many times are we allowed to reblog your giveaway post?

hello anon!! you’re allowed to reblog once per day but I won’t really check to make sure you don’t reblog more than that (I just don’t want anyone to spam reblog)
thank you for understanding and have a great day ^ o^