7/20 Happy birthday, Oikawa!

I drew this a few days ago for the HQ 69min prompt, glasses ^__^
Anonymous sent: Do you have a NSFW blog?

Noo… hahaha I do not…… sweats nervously

Anonymous sent: Can I get shadow queen from paper mario or zone tan in 12 please?

Hi anon!! Sorry for the suuper long wait (I hope you’re still around to see this though). As requested, here’s zone-tan ^__^

EDIT: I’m no longer doing these, sorry!
Hi guys!! I wanted to practice using different color palletes so hit me up ^ o^
You can request any character but I’m into Wadanohara right now sO.. coughs bUT yeah feel free to request any character ^__^
Oh and I might be slow, sorry!! I’ll try to get through as many as I can, though.
renietan sent: I really love your art omg!!!!

tHAnk you i’m very honored!!! ^////^

The Great Sorcerer, wadanohara’s hot dad meikai
the-bloodless-arcanist sent: Your cover of Beautiful World is amazing!

Thank you so much!! ^ o^