the-bloodless-arcanist sent: Your cover of Beautiful World is amazing!

Thank you so much!! ^ o^

Anonymous sent: What happened to Renegade Tears? You guys haven't uploaded in a year, and I'm dying for more!

Renegade Tears was formed for a chorus battle called MBCB but eventually everyone became too busy so we dropped out and disbanded. I’m not sure if we’ll ever upload more songs, sorry! u qu

The characters died probably! But Antares (the story writer) is continuing the story, so that’s good news I guess. Here’s a link to the story.

Anonymous sent: Do you mind if I ask... How to get started singing? I've been recently interested in Vocaloid music, and I'd like to try, but I'm honestly lost. Would I make a YouTube and just record myself over pre-sung songs, or would I need someone to mix/master for me? I don't want to spend any money on doing so, because I only want to sing as a hobby. Do I start on my own, or find a singing group? I'm really lost... Any advice is helpful :)

Hello anon! ^ o^ Sorry I’m not very good at explaining, but I’ll do my best to give you some tips!!

Most vocaloid songs have downloadable off vocals that you can download from nicosound so you don’t have to sing over pre-sung songs (if that’s what you mean). When you find the off vocal you want on niconico, just copy the sm part of the url and paste it after this url and scroll to find “MP3 を抽出” near the bottom.

As for mixing and mastering, starting out with audacity is good. It’s a free program that’s really easy to use. You can also download Audition (or torrent it), but it’s definitely harder to use. There’s a lot of mixing tutorials you can find on youtube and I think most of them are helpful!

Starting a singing group might be difficult if you haven’t already established yourself in the community. Plus it’s difficult to know how to lead one if you have no experience as a member first, so I recommend joining one first!!

Yeh sorry if anything wasn’t clear! Feel free to contact me again if you have more questions or whatever.

happy birthday azu ^ q^ you hella basic

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kyouko kirigiri

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