ciil sent: you draw very gentle faces ^ o ^ your lines are also extremely clean (ENVY!!) it looks especially good paired with just flats + minimal shading

omg… i literally blushed when i read this because i really like ur art ciil ^__T i’m rlly embarrassed and happy LIES DOWN

Anonymous sent: are there still sticker sheets left or has the 30 slots been filled already? >_<

yes there’s still sticker sheets left! ^__^ don’t worry, the 30 slots aren’t even close to being filled up yet

Anonymous sent: how many times are we allowed to reblog your giveaway post?

hello anon!! you’re allowed to reblog once per day but I won’t really check to make sure you don’t reblog more than that (I just don’t want anyone to spam reblog)
thank you for understanding and have a great day ^ o^

Anonymous sent: is your giveaway for your zine or the sticker sheet?

oH!! omg I just realized that I wasn’t very clear in my post LOL T__T sorry I actually copied and pasted the text from my old giveaway of stickers and forgot to edit it thoroughly… sweats nervously.. I fixed it in the post now though!!

the giveaway is for a copy of the zine AND a sticker sheet!! have a good day, anon!

Anonymous sent: i saw on twitter that you're making a haikyuu zine? do you know when will it be available for sale/preorder?

Hi anon!! Yeah I’m making a haikyuu zine ^__^ I’m not sure exactly when it’ll be available for preorder because I still have a few illustrations to work on as well as the preorder bonuses, but expect it to be available some time within the next week!

certain victory

gift for shiie

7/20 Happy birthday, Oikawa!

I drew this a few days ago for the HQ 69min prompt, glasses ^__^